Opto-Mechanical Expertise Services

PKL Technologies Inc. provides expertise in the design, building, and testing of opto-mechanical systems, assemblies, and sub-assemblies. Examples include: research and development projects, industrial and harsh environment optical system design, multi-pass absorption cells for laser spectroscopy, laser transmitter and receiver systems, low noise photodiode amplifiers and ultra-stable diode laser driver circuits.

The integration of opto-mechanical components and electronic components lessens design complexity. The resulting engineered module is a compact, robust design, simplifying assembly and disassembly.

Past projects include high powered CO2 Laser head development and design, Nd:YAG pumped Co:MgF2, Q-switched Er:Glass laser rangefinder, laser diode absorption spectroscopy, and integrated printed circuit board design.

ACAD, Optics Lab, and recently SolidWorks have been used in system design/integration.